Beranda CSR Mining Export Performance Still Sluggish

Mining Export Performance Still Sluggish

Jakarta – TAMBANG. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has recorded mining export performance in the 1sthalf 2014 at only 12.81% or US$ 11.83 billion. This is down from last year’s figure of 17.13% or $ 15.6.

Suryamin, Head of BPS,stated thatthis is mainly due to the introduction of the mineral export ban since the beginning of the year. “As a result, production beyond minerals and coals have improved,” he said at a press conference in his office on Monday (4/8).

He noted that the policy has also affected Indonesia’s export performance,which fell 2.46% to US$ 88.83 billion. Although overall export activitiesare down, exportperformance in the industrial sector has improved.

Export of industrial goods from January to June 2014 was recorded at US$ 59.09 billion, whereas the value of the share has reached 66.52%. This is a significant increase over the same period of last year, of US$ 56.56 billion atshares value of 62.1%.

Mr. Suryamin added that Indonesia’s biggest export market from January to June 2014 remains China with US$ 8.98 billion, followed by the United States with US$ 7.9 billion and Japan with US$ 7.11 billion.

Author:  Nova Farida

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