Beranda CSR One-Stop Integrated Service for Power Generation Investment

One-Stop Integrated Service for Power Generation Investment

Jakarta-TAMBANG. Starting next year, the government would provide easy access for both local and foreign companies to invest in Indonesia. The main focus is power generation and infrastructure sector.


Azhar Lubis, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) deputy chairman, told that next year the investment permit procedures would be much faster and easier. By 2015, the government would apply one-stop integrated service.


“BKPM would process all the permit for doing business in Indonesia. Investors, especially in power generation and infrastructure sector, can process their licences under on roof. Easier and more transparent,” Azhar promised on Tuesday (2/12).


He described that today an investor would require 52 different licenses to start doing business in power generation. And those permits must be process in several different governing bodies. That would hopefully change in 2015.


To be able to do the reform, Franky Sibarani, Head of BKPM, stated that he is also working closely with the local government.


“We are linking the local investment coordinating board and ┬álocal one-stop integrated service. Up to date, the synergy has developed in 250 points. However, at certain point, the integration between central and local governing bodies still need to be settled,” Franky explained.


The easy access of investment, according to Franky, is already a form of incentives. “If we can assure that investment permitting process can be done in a quick, simple, integrated, and transparent manner, it would certainly boost the national economy.


Additionally, Sofyan Djalil, the Coordinating Minister for Economy, said that related ministries has approved for a one-stop integrated permitting process. Starting next year, the authority will be delegated to BKPM from a number of government bodies. “This has to start by the end of January,” Sofyan insisted.