Beranda CSR Seven Energy & Mining Companies Receive Gold PROPER

Seven Energy & Mining Companies Receive Gold PROPER

Jakarta-TAMBANG. This year’s Environmental Performance Rating Program (PROPER in its Indonesian abbreviation) result was announced Tuesday (2/12). Nine companies earned the Gold title, which was the highest rank within the prestigious award system. Among those top listed companies, seven are doing business in the energy and mineral resources sectors.The Gold PROPER Trophies was awarded by Vice President Jusuf Kalla.


The nine companies awarded the 2014 Gold PROPER Trophies are as follows:

  1. PT Badak NGL
  2. Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu Limited
  3. PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk Pabrik Cilacap
  4. PT Pertamina (Persero) Terminal BBM Rewulu
  5. PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) – Area Kamojang
  6. PT Bukit Asam (Persero), Tbk
  7. PT Medco E&P Indonesia – Rimau Asset
  8. PT Bio Farma (Persero)
  9. PT Pertamina Aviasi Regional III DPPU Ngurah Rai


With Gold being the highest rank, PROPER rating system classifies companies into 5 different categories, ie. Gold, Green, Blue, Red, and Black. This year’s the board of jury and the assessment team have to monitor a total of 1,908 entries.


In addition to the 9 companies with Gold PROPER, 121 companies received Green PROPER, and 1,224 companies gain Blue. Two other categories which are considered below the environment standard set by the Ministry of Environment, Red PROPER and Black PROPER, were attributed to 516 and 21 companies respectively. However, there are 17 companies whose ranks were cancelled due to business termination or legal issue.


Although mining is often judged as a destructive activity towards the environment, this year none of the mining companies labelled with Black PROPER.


For a complete result of PROPER Ranking, please click the following link of Environmental & Forestry Ministerial Decision.

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